The carbon makes the difference.

In addition to the outstanding yield, the SYNCRAFT® wood power plant impresses with the attention-seeking side product of the active carbon or charcoal, which is only possible thanks to the patented technology of SYNCRAFT® The wood power plant is unique worldwide.

SYNCRAFT® wood power plants are so flexible with the raw material used that with regard to the fuel can be placed fully on forestry residual fractions such as forestry chips or sawed products. This is made possible by the innovative suspension bed technology, which achieves the highest efficiency levels of around 30% electrical power and maximum fuel flexibility up to 92% fuel consumption. Compared to the competition, SYNCRAFT® wood power plants need only half of the fuel in relation to the power output. This results in clear economic advantages for the operator, "says the managing director of the Tyrol-based technology company.

The high added value of SYNCRAFT® The wood power plant is also achieved by the exceptional by-product of the active carbon or charcoal. The SYNCRAFT® patented energy recovery process produces no fine dust or waste. The only by-product to be found is charcoal, which is of such high quality that it can be sold, for example, as a Terra-Preta soil improver. The carbon content is 80%, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) are only present in traces. The European Biochar standard, developed for pyrolysis plants, calls for a limit value in the premium quality of four milligrams per kilogram of dry mass. SYNCRAFT® systems fall significantly short of this value.
The ecological cycle is completed by the production of up to 300 kg of charcoal per day (3-4% of input). As a result, about one ton of CO2 is bound per day. SYNCRAFT® carbon can be produced on the market between 200 and 500 Euro per tonne. And "there is coal in the end".