Business formation

In 2007 a team of process engineers succeded in the development of floating fixed-bed gasifier, a revolutionary process for the generation of electricity and heat from biomass. Until now this technology is an essential key component for the success of SYNCRAFT®.


Prototype power plant built

As part of the research project "PowerBox" the first prototype power plant based on floating fixed-bed technology was built in Schwaz / Austria. This project was largely funded by the Tyrolean government within its so called K-Regio program.

Incorporation of automation department

In 2010 the company Osl Elektrotechnik with many years of experience in timber industry was incorporated in the SYNCRAFT® company group. From this point, the focus of the automation department lay on the development of control and automation for the floating fixed-bed technology in addition to its established business fields.

Wood-gas power plant connected to the grid

After about 7 years of development, the first commercial wood-gas power plant of SynCraft was connected to the grid in South Tyrol in 2014. With an electrical output of approximately 259kW, the plant from SYNCRAFT®Werk Type 1000 provides currently around 400.000kWh of electricity and heat per month.