Technical data CW1800-500

SYNCRAFT® is your professional partner for wood-gas power plants. The table below shows the technical data of the SYNCRAFT® wood-gas power plant CW1800-500.



thermal input capacity 1754  kW
Electrical power 500  kW
Thermal power (basic variant) 770  kW
Thermal power (basic variant) up to2 1153  kW
Fuel demand 342  kg/h
Specific fuel demand 0,68 kg/kWh el
Charcoal by-product 4,7  m3/d
Space required by gas generator ca. 120 m2
Space required by engine ca. 55 m2
Space required for bunker (week’s supply) 418 m3
Fuel quality G30 - G50, optimal < W10, mit Feinanteil und Rinde
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As a general contractor, we cover on request also topics like drying, moving floor and the biomass feeding system for our customers. For detail information please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2 To use the resulting low-temperature heat, a heat pump can be offered optionally. Depending on the design, a thermal power of up to 250 kW is available (at a water temperature of up to 55°C). This temperature can be optimally used for biomass drying or to increase the backflow-temperature of the district heating system.

Heat may be a by-product of our biomass power plant plants, but it is the largest item in terms of energy produced. The SYNCRAFT® plants produce around 0.5 kW of thermal output per 1 kW of fuel power. This useful heat can be gathered and made available at a temperature level of around 95°C. If required, however, the useful heat stream can also be divided into two, with one half going to a low-temperature stream with an inlet temperature of 80°C, and the other going to a hightemperature stream with an inlet temperature of up to 200°C. Heat use is an important economic factor in the operation of the SYNCRAFT®Werke.

Electricity is the core product of each SYNCRAFT® biomass power plant plant. Our SYNCRAFT®Werke produce practically 0.3 kW of electricity per 1 kW of fuel power, making the electrical efficiency of SYNCRAFT®’s wood-gas plants one of the highest in the entire bio-energy sector, especially when you consider that absolutely no additional fuels (such as pilot oil or similar) are used in our gas engines in the production of electricity. What is more, despite the high degree of efficiency, the emission values in all areas are significantly lower than the current emission limits. A standard oxidation catalytic converter is all that is required for exhaust after-treatment.

Premium quality charcoal is the third valuable product of each SYNCRAFT® wood-gas plant. In economic terms, our plants generate revenue where a cost would normally be expected. This underlines the financial benefit of operating a SYNCRAFT® wood-gas plant. From an ecological perspective, the obtained solid matter can be entirely used as soil conditioner for vegetation, thus sustainably closing the cycle of materials. Active charcoal does not directly fertilise the soil; it rather assists the long-term retention of fertiliser materials, permitting fertiliser use to be minimised to sustainable levels. Ready-for-sale bigbags or containers can as necessary be filled with moistened, dust-free biochar at the plant.